2019 Pike fishing ticket auctions start this evening!

2019 Pike fishing tickets should be arriving through the post in the next few days. We have lots to get through so don’t panic if you do not get yours in time. Your digital version and booking references will be enough to get you out on the water!

Our auctions start this evening with premium dates for February being up for grabs. Auctions start from 7:20pm this evening and as usual all of our lots start at 99p with no reserve!

Listings will become active this evening. October and November tickets will be offered at a later date. There are 30 lots up for grabs over the course of the next two weekends. Listings are active for 7 days.

Full details found HERE

Our eBay page can be found HERE

2019 Pike Deadbait/Lure Fishing Tickets go on sale tomorrow morning!


Some bits of information that may come in handy if you decide to apply for pike fishing tickets in 2019.

– Tickets go live on the TicketSource website found HERE from 9am on Saturday 5th January 2019.

– There is no requirement to register in advance.

– Customers are entitled to purchase a maximum of 4 days within the 2019 season.

– Customer’s purchasing tickets must be the person fishing on days booked.

– Bank and Boat tickets will be available to purchase. Bank tickets are sold as single tickets. Customers are permitted to purchase a pair of bank tickets for any given day (unless unavailable)

– Customers are entitled to a mixture of bank and boat ticket if they wish to do so.

– Boat permits entitle two anglers to fish from a single boat.

– Purchasing by proxy is not permitted unless previously authorised by Bristol Water. Details can be found on our website.

– Payment is due in full at time of booking.

– Full terms and conditions can be found on our website and on the Ticketsource website.

– Tickets are only purchasable from the Ticketsource website (with exception to auction, raffle and BW guided boat days- details found on our website)


Unfortunately our tackle shop will be closing early today (2pm) due to a staff meeting. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.
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2019 pike fishing tickets up for grabs from Saturday 5th January

2019 pike fishing tickets by deadbait/lure will shortly be up for grabs. Similar to 2018 ticket sales, tickets will be available to purchase online via Ticketsource. Customers will be restricted to a maximum of 4 individual days, being permitted to have a mixture of boat or bank permits. Bank permits are sold as individual tickets, boat permits entitle two anglers to fish on any given day. Full details can be found HERE

End of season summary 2018

With the weather looking so poor and Christmas just around the corner we’d thought we’d take a quick look at season 2018 and recap on some of the things we’ve done this season. 

Check out our 2018 season summary HERE.

The 2019 season is just around the corner and we’ve been busy getting dates in our diary. Opening and competition dates can be found HERE.

Wishing all of our customers a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous Year.

Woodford Lodge Fishing Tackle Shop Winter opening hours

Our Address:

Woodford Lodge,
Stoke Hill,
Chew Stoke,
BS40 8XH.
Tel: 01275 332339
Email: Woodford.lodge@bristolwater.co.uk


17.12.18 – 20.12.18 
Open: Mon – Fri 
Opening Hours: 8am-3:15pm
Closed: 21.12.18 – 01.01.19

02.01.19 – 01.02.19
Open: Mon -Fri
Opening Hours: 8am – 3:15pm

02.02.19 – End of 2019 Season
Open; 7 days a week
Opening Hours: 8am – 4:15pm

Woodford Landline phone issue

Unfortunately we are experiencing some technical problems with our Woodford Lodge landline (01275 332339). We have contacted our phone provider to get this issue fixed as soon as possible.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

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Short Story- True Romance

Its always good to see fellow anglers striving to bring new people into our sport. Another short story entry for season 2018….


Gift Vouchers, an ideal Christmas present!

Looking for that Christmas present? Why not purchase gift vouchers that are redeemable against fishing tackle, permits and beginner days?

We sell vouchers in £10.00 and £20.00 increments. Gift vouchers have a 12 month redemption life from date of issue.

You can purchase them over the phone on 01275 332339 or in store at Woodford Lodge.

For more information please drop us a call.

Not local? Don’t panic, we can post vouchers out free of charge!

Winter tackle shop opening hours

Winter Tackle Shop Opening Hours. 
Woodford Lodge, BS40 8XH

26.11.18 – >20.12.18 
Open: Mon – Fri 
Opening Hours: 8am-3:15pm

Closed: Wednesday 28th November 8am-3:15pm
Closed: 21.12.18 -> 01.01.19

02.01.19 -> 01.02.19
Open: Mon -Fri
Opening Hours: 8am – 3:15pm

02.02.19 -> End of 2019 Season
Open; 7 days a week
Opening Hours: 8am – 4:15pm

Details of 2019 pricing, season dates and pike fishing will be released in coming days.

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